As we all yearn for old man winter to release his grip, we all long for sunnier, warmer weather. The unfortunate truth is that we have to survive the time between – which I refer to as mud season. Everything is wet and nothing has greened up yet. This is the ideal time to get your inside space organized before the great outdoors tempts you to spend your days outside in the sunshine.

Here are a few smaller tasks to consider for mud season that will help improve and simplify your life when the warm weather and green lawns are finally here.

  • Cleaning out your fridge and freezer – When was the last time you braved your way to the back of either of these appliances? Are you still harbouring leftover cranberries or the dreaded Christmas cake? Now would be a great time to excise the old so you can make room for popsicles and ice cream. Are there science experiments lurking at the back of the fridge or in your crisper? Now is a great time to wash it out to make room for fresh produce from your local market.
  • Medicine cabinets – Hopefully by now everyone in your household has survived cold and flu season. Before you need to break out the sunscreen and allergy medications, it’s a good idea to check on your supplies to ensure that you have enough and that the dates haven’t expired. I have met more than one person who received a sunburn from using expired products. By having this ready now, you can ensure everyone is ready for a day in the park or at the beach.
  • Linen closets – As you transition to lighter blankets and bedding, take a good look to ensure all your linens are in good condition without rips or tears or stains. Folding linen sets together in your closet makes changing the bedding much simpler. Likewise, give your towels a quick inspection – are they looking tattered? Consider repurposing them into cleaning rags or dog towels. Don’t forget to check out the beach towels! Give them the sniff test to ensure they still smell fresh after sitting tucked away all winter. You will want to ensure you have enough on hand so you can quickly pack a bag and head to the beach.
  • Travel supplies – Do you already have a camping trip or vacation planned? Now is a great time to air out suitcases or sleeping bags while checking for wear and tear. Do you have air mattresses that you haven’t used in a few years? Now is a good time to inflate them and leave them to ensure they aren’t leaking. How about your food coolers – do they pass the sniff test? A bit of preparation now can really take some of the pressure off when it comes time to pack up.

While none of these ideas are particularly glamorous and won’t give you the visual boost redoing your closets might, they can give you solid peace of mind that you made progress in simplifying your future.